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Smarter fleet management across all your business

These days a Fleet Manager is expected to have all the following skills - accountant, health & safety, risk management, human resources, auditor, negotiator... it goes on and on and on.

Outsourcing your vehicle management can pay dividends and at very least it is simply one less worry. Perfect employees with the right specialist skills are hard to find, and harder to keep - we are a cost effective and simple solution to that. Often working in partnership with our clients and their own employees. That relationship is a keystone to shared success.

Your business operations can be split into three basic sections:

Who needs and recognises the benefit of specialist knowledge, skills and understanding?

Company Directors

MD and business owners

Finance Directors


Considering all aspects of risk to both the business operations and company owners or management. Vehicle operating policy, service, suitability, business type, exposure, legal requirements and compliance with increasing liability. Plus of course operating savings - and that's music to any manager, owner or company accountant.


Sounds simple but managing your vehicles over their service life from procurement to disposal has a wide range of variables which when viewed as a 'whole of life' can really add up to significant savings, maintaining and often introducing real world value into your business. That is where our specialist knowledge and industry experience can really pay off, especially over the long term as opportunity for improvement arise.


Can you be confident that your drivers are not only operating legally but with a high standard ensuring your 'duty of care' is being upheld? Are driver checks being done and you have an audit trail should you be required to prove it following an incident or accident involving employees or representatives of your business in either company vehicles or their own 'grey fleet' vehicles?

Businesses can no longer ignore the 'duty of care' which is imposed upon them both as a trading company and individual employees responsible for fleet operations.

We are not in the business of scaremongering, indeed we prefer to work with the diligent successful business that recognise the savings and security that outsourcing fleet management introduces to their continued success daily - but more often than not businesses come to us once they have a problem which they cannot resolve or need guidance on to resolve.


In our experience most, if not all, businesses have exposure they are not aware of that come to light in the event of an accident, incident, investigation or company audit. We have the independent 'real world' experience and that is what really counts.

Fleet Car Managers

HR & Risk Management

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